Make WordPress Core Ticket Patch Using GIT

Many WordPress developers would like to become WordPress core contributors. To be a WordPress core contributor, You should find the WordPress core track tickets, which required a patch on the

Most of the WordPress developers are familiar with git, but the WordPress core patch can be made by svn in general. However, You can make a patch by git by below steps in windows

  1. Git download and install (
  2. Nodejs download and install (
  3. Run the command git clone git:// wordpress-develop in command line.
  4. Run the command `cd wordpress-develop` in command line.
  5. Run the command ` npm install ` in command line.
  6. Run the command ` npm run dev ` in command line.
  7. Install wordpress in the wordpress-develop/src folder and make your changes
  8. Run the command ` git diff > 30000.diff ` in command line. It will create the 30000.diff file.

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