Why should you use at least free Cloudflare for your WordPress website?

Cloudflare has a free plan that has enough features to serve your basic WordPress site. It is completely free. Cloudflare is used by 81.2% websites of the total websites in the world. WordPress is used by 42.5% of all websites across the globe. If we combine these both Softwares, We can make an awesome website.

The Cloudflare free plan has many advantageous benefits.

Main benefits of Cloudflare Free App:

  • Free CDN Server
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Caching
  • Fast and Free DNS Server
  • Basic Level Bot Fight Mode
  • Use Free Apps

Free Cloudflare plan saves your WordPress site from hacking and DDoS attack.

Cloudflare gives you a free, fast DNS server and firewall for your site. Many Webhosting companies are changing money for DNS servers and SSL certificate. Many DNS serves are slow in comparison to the Cloudflare DNS server. Cloudflare gives free CDN and caching services free of cost. Cloudflare has 194 data centers across the globe to serve your website.

Cloudflare gives a free SSL certificate to your WordPress site.

Cloudflare firewall protects you from DDOS attacks. By Making Custom IP firewall rules, You can block your sites from specific malicious IP addresses machines.

You can check your site’s unique visitor statistics with the country information. You can install free Cloudflare apps that are very useful. Many Apps are also paid.

Cloudflare Apps

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